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Ringing in the New Year!

Ringing in the New Year!

Posted by Judith A. Ames on Jan 23rd 2020

I always have loved January 1st. Of all of the holidays - there is something about a New Year that makes me feel: Joyous, Hopeful, Excited, & Thankful. Even though another year has passed, it is a time to start anew, building on the successes and learning from the failures of the previous year. And not only is it a new year - it is a whole new decade! How awesome is that!?

My focus, over the next decade, is to continue to build up my businesses and solidify their brands. As an entrepreneur, there are so many options these days for exposure, branding, and connecting with your customers. I have been in this game for many years, but as much as I have learned, I can barely keep up with all of the newest trends, such as: Facebook Ads, Apps, Coupon Codes, and all of the different ways to advertise!

I am excited because after two years of strictly being online with the Cowgirl Chocolate Company, I took the Big Step and opened a small storefront. I truly love online businesses, but it was definitely time for the Chocolate Company to find a new brick and mortar home base, and Murfreesboro, Tennessee had a lot to offer my little company. We opened, officially, at: 175 Mall Circle Dr., Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129 on November 9, 2019. The new shop was busy from Day 1!

Now that we have landed, and survived the hectic Christmas Season, it's time to evaluate our products, our packaging, and our prices. Now I can hear my customers moaning.... oh no!.... when a company evaluates all of those things, that usually means - prices are going up! But - NO, not at all. I have found several new ways of packaging and many new products that will actually allow us to lower our prices, continue our Free Shipping Plan, and go a bit crazy with our Coupon Code Discount plans. Our coupon discount codes will be listed on Facebook and on the website. Use those at check out for additional savings!

Our packaging is getting a face lift and I think you will like it! I'm excited! Cowgirl Chocolates is stepping into a new decade and we are about to launch into the 2020's with a bang! The old favorites will still be there, they just may be dressed up a bit fancier. Below are a couple of examples of our Pony Express series and our Gold Prospector line.

If you don't follow us on Facebook - please join our page. It is the best way to learn of all of the new things going on. We are also on Twitter @theheadcowgirl , I just started working on our Instagram page, and our Amazon Store will be up and running by the end of the January.

We thank all of our customers and welcome our new customers!

Looking forward to a brand new and exciting decade to come!

The Head Cowgirl - Yee haw and Giddy Up!!