Several years ago Ross Coates and Marilyn Lysohir decided that there was so much interesting art going on in places outside large urban areas that there needed to be some sort of publication that dealt with these areas in a personal and creative way. They didn't feel they should compete with monthly periodicals, and so decided to do a limited edition once-a-year numbered edition that was more an artist's book, a collectible piece, than a read-and-throw away magazine. The first issue dealt with the plateau region (loosely defined as Eastern Washington, Idaho, Eastern Oregon and Western Montana) and later issues expanded the focus in idiosyncratic ways.

The design of each magazine/book is individual and made to be interactive. That is, the reader needs to open envelopes, read special notes, look at floppy discs and so on.

You can look through the web site at the table of contents and Page One for each issue and get an idea of what’s inside... but remember there are always surprises...

Have you always felt bad that you weren't in Paris in the 20's to collect Minotaur, or in New York in the 50's to collect Flair? In the Plateau region of the Northwestern United States the tradition lives!

Ross Coates & Marilyn Lysohir
PO Box 8961, Moscow ID 83843
(208) 882-0265
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Back Issues are available
High Ground ‘95
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High Ground ‘96 $30.00
High Ground ‘97 $40.00
High Ground ‘98 $35.00
High Ground ‘99 $25.00
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