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The Dark Side of Dazzle is an Installation of ceramic sculpture that took me two years to complete. The largest piece is a twenty four foot long battleship made of clay. The ship is accompanied by two other pieces...a life-sized female figure, towel-clad and approaching a bathtub containing a four foot long model of a battleship. The third piece is a sink and a medicine cabinet with door ajar; inside are three small battleships. All the ships are glazed with a design that is called "dazzle camouflage." Dazzle camouflage is a bright and wild pattern that was used in World War I. It was successful because, in those pre-technological days, it confused one's judgment of direction, distance, and speed.

Arranged around the ship are wooden chairs so people can sit and listen to taped war stories. I collected these stories from my father, and from friends who are veterans of World War II, Korea and Vietnam. I've edited the stories to include all kinds of experiences...sad, humorous, and adventurous.

The Dark Side of Dazzle is about war, and what happens to people during war.

Marilyn Lysohir
Moscow Idaho 1998.